Disruptive design innovation for safe and lower cost implementation of the alternative to the ozone-depleting gases in the heat pump heating and cooling systems

Global Challenge

Heat pumps are most energy efficient and least polluting systems for heating, cooling and drying. However, HFC gases used in heat pumps contribute to global warming by trapping heat radiating off the Earth. While individual countries (primarily EU) started limiting the use of HFC several years ago, global negotiations to eliminate them have concluded only in October 2016 in Kigali. 150 nations agreed to stop selling new HFC based equipment from 2019. Global challenge is to find a suitable replacement for HFC by 2019.

Razvojno projektni biro vode tri iskusna diplomirana mašinska inženjera energetskog smera, specijalizovana za oblast grejanja klimatizacije i ventilacije, sa položenim stručnim ispitima. Teoretsko, proizvodno i praktično poznavanje opreme za klimatizaciju, grejanje i hlađenje omogućuje iznalaženje racionalnih i ekonomičnih rešenja za većinu projektantskih problema. Alfa klima poseduje licence za projektovanje i izvođenje termotehničkih instalacija.

Alfa Klima Solution

R290 is most suitable replacement gas for home and light commercial use as it can be used in the existing, most common, R22 mechanical equipment. However, being flammable at 407C it requires spark-proof electrical components that increase costs by about 30%. Alfa Klima has innovated the design of R290 heat pump systems (PropSafe) so that they do not require spark-proof components. Offering safer alternative at 30% lower cost is a significant added value and it gives Alfa Klima design a first mover advantage in both new installations and R22 replacement.


Company: Alfa Klima has been manufacturing heat pump based systems for heating, cooling and drying for the past 20 years. Alfa Klima team has an outstanding engineering and commercial experience and a proven track record in successfully commercializing innovations in the HVAC field. The latest commercialized innovation, "unrestricted flow heat exchanger", is being sold through Emerson Climate Technologies, one of the world largest suppliers of compressors and other equipment for heat pump systems.

The Winning Team

Mr. Saša Jović - CEO, Chief Designer

Saša Jović holds an MSc in mechanical engineering and has over 30 years professional experience in developing, manufacturing and marketing heat pump based heating and cooling systems.

In 1995 he founded Alfa klima d.o.o. which has continuously grown and is currently the leading manufacturer of heat pump systems for residential and small commercial clients in South East Europe. In addition to his responsibilities as a general manager of the company, Saša Jović is also actively involved in the development and design of new products.

dr Jovana Jović - Development Officer

Jovana Jović holds a PhD in robotics obtained at prestigious universities in France and Japan. She has also been trained in management and marketing, as the future leader of Alfa Klima that will take over the overall management of the company after the current generation retires.

Dr. Jović's role in the PropSafe project is the development of the mechanical system and assistance in the marketing study.

Mr. Branislav Andjelić - Business Officer

Branislav Andjelić holds a BA in economics from the United States and MA in international business from France. He has over 30 years international experience in managing business affairs of companies and managing projects in Europe, East Africa, Middle East and North America.

His role in the PropSafe project is to conduct market study, propose the business model and develop business plan.

Mr. Jovan Jović - Marketing Officer

Jovan Jović holds an MSc in mechanical engineering and has over 25 years experience in designing and marketing of heat pump systems.

His role in PropSafe project is to identify and engage system integrators in target markets and with them develop marketing plan tageting end-users.

Mr. Goran Milenković - System Designer

Goran Milenković holds an MSc in mechanical engineering and has over 5 years professional experience in the design and development of heat pump based systems.

His role in the PropSafe project is overall system design integration (mechanical, electrical, software) and assistance in the marketing study.

dr Vincent Bonnet - Innovation Officer

Vincent Bonnet is an electrical engineer with a PhD in robotics. He is an Associate Professor at Universite Paris-Est.

Dr. Bonnet is resposnible for many innovations in Alfa Klima controll systems, including remote diagnostic system that has reduced on-site support calls by 80%.

His role in the PropSafe project is redesign of electrical components and assistance in the IPR research and patent application.